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Contact the Manager or Coordinator of Volunteer Services at the VON site of your choice (See VON sites)

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VON Canada will:

  • Match your strengths, interests and available time to a volunteer role that's right for you

  • Give you a clear picture of the position requirements and the training to do it well

  • Support you in your volunteer role through regular contact

  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities to assist you in your role and to introduce you to new opportunities and friends

  • Give you the care and appreciation you deserve


Testimonials From Our Volunteers

  • "I find assisting people and bringing a little sunshine and happiness to someone else comes back double to me. So I guess my reasons are a bit selfish but I try to give back as much as I can."
    Carol A. Huck, VON Durham Branch, Ontario
  • "The years of volunteering in palliative care have taught me to live, love, laugh and value every minute of every day as a gift. My patients taught me this and in return I was hopefully able to smooth a few bumps in their road."
    Joy McConnell, VON Chatham-Kent Branch, Ontario
  • "I volunteer because I love people. I also enjoy the camaraderie with staff and other volunteers. I have become good friends with some of the people I have helped."
    Louise Paul, VON Middlesex-Elgin Branch, Ontario
  • "I have been very lucky in that I have always had good health. My advice to young people is to take care of yourself through an active lifestyle so that you can help others. I believe my health is better because I volunteer and yours will too!"
    Harry Longley, VON Hamilton Branch, Ontario
  • "I enjoy helping and supporting people who are in need. As a volunteer I receive much more than I could possible give. It is a gift to be able to share time with those who are passing through their 'journey of life.' Each client and friend I have met has left a special thought with me."
    Alma Kuni, VON Chatham-Kent Branch, Ontario
  • "I love working with people in general and volunteers in particular. We constitute a group who work to make our communities a safe place for individuals to grow, develop and strive toward optimal health and well-being. All clients are perceived as important and when they are unable to meet their own social and health needs we work with them to assist them in reaching their goals."
    Joyce Baird, VON Edmonton Branch, Alberta
  • "Please, anybody - if you can - take the time to be a volunteer visitor. There is a great need. Caregivers get burnt out and need respite. It is a very rewarding experience and you never know when a time may come in your life when you really need someone, a volunteer, to help you and your family."
    Susan Smid, VON Middlesex-Elgin Branch, Ontario
  • "I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work at VON for my co-op placement. I have learned so much from this experience you don't even know! Not only am I more responsible, I know how to deal with people on a day to day basis. I have never been one to have an open conversation with a total stranger before. You could probably tell when I first started out that I was somewhat shy! Now that I have gotten to know everyone I am a lot more confident. I enjoyed working at VON so much, everyone treated me with respect and I am so thankful. I am lso thinking about being a nurse now, and that thought had never crossed my mind until I came here. It was a real pleasure being part of the VON staff, and again I thank you! "
    Lyndsie Simpson, Grade 12 Co-op student from St. Paul's Secondary School, VON Hastings Northumberland Prince Edward Branch, Ontario

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