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VON Annapolis Valley’s Frozen Favourites

Did you know…? Approximately one-third of seniors living at home risk malnutrition because they don’t eat enough healthy food or meet their daily required caloric intake. This can lead to a number of negative outcomes, including: chronic illness; falling; hospitalization; and early institutionalization.

VON Annapolis Valley Meal Programs help to ensure that clients can rely on at least one healthy meal a day, reducing the risk of malnutrition and the worry associated with limited access to food.

The Frozen Favourites program has become a staple for many people in our community. Clients can choose from a menu of 16 entrées. Two clients, Carol and George, use Frozen Favourites and share their thoughts on the program and its positive impact.

“As a caregiver, your schedule can be limited,” Carol says. “Frozen Favourites have been a great help and support. They are tasty, well-balanced, a perfect quantity and there is lots of variety.”

George says, “I haven’t always done the cooking, so it has been nice to have the convenience of Frozen Favourites when planning my meals. They’re delicious, nutritious and they fill the bill!”

We also carry a line of pureed meals, including some new items such as honey ham, BBQ pork, and fish newberg.

Attractive to clients is the flexibility of the program. Frozen Favourites are delivered weekly from Hants Border to Bear River and all points in-between. They are also available for pick-up at the VON Annapolis Valley main office in New Minas.

For more information, please contact: 902-678-3415 ext: 2109.

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