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Virtual Caregiver Education Series: Session 2 - Regaining Control & Building Resilience


Learn how to become mindful and self-compassionate in your caregiving journey! This free 4-part series helps you manage stressful caregiving situations; build your resilience and navigate community resources.

Sessions will be held on Thursdays (starting February 4th) 

Session 2: Regaining Control and Building Resilience
Thursday, February 11th 2-3:30 pm EST

To register, please contact Renate Fries at 905-523-1055 x 408 or email

For more info on our February support programs click here.

Other Sessions

Session 1: Regaining Control and Building Resilience
Thursday, February 4th 2-3:30 pm EST

Session 3: Managing Common Caregiving Emotions
Thursday, February 18th 3-4:30 pm EST

Session 4: Navigating Community Resources
Thursday, February 25th 2-3:30 pm EST

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