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Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) and Sensory Technologies Partnering for Success in Ontario

At VON Canada, we’re focused on extending the reach of health care providers into communities to enhance the quality of life for our clients —and to create the conditions that help people become and stay healthy and well.

Through the use of Sensory Technologies’ eShift platform, VON Canada has been part of an innovative model of care that better supports palliative and complex patients, while making the delivery of home care easier and more efficient.

For eight years, the VON team has been delivering specialized home care services across Ontario. Recent work with the London Health Sciences Centre’s award-winning Connecting Care to Home (CC2H) initiative, helping clients with COPD and heart failure manage their illness in a home setting, has resulted in 47.9% cost savings and a reduction in patient length of stay of 59%.

EShift provides clients with direct, 24/7 access to a VON Directing Registered Nurse, and they benefit from an integrated “one care team” approach that includes a common Electronic Health Record across all care settings.

A three-year study, led by Western University, concluded that the eShift model of care supported patients to die in their place of choice, reduced caregiver stress and burden, resulted in shorter hospital stays (with an overall reduction of nearly 60%), and is proven to lower readmission rates in complex end of life patients, with rates now below 2%.

Through the use of eShift, VON Canada health care teams reported high job satisfaction, high interpersonal collaboration, and believed they were providing high quality care to patients and their families.

VON and Sensory Technologies are excited to continue to work together to deliver a superior model of care to those who need it most —and to pursuing new opportunities in Ontario and beyond.  

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