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Memories Baking Program

Different tastes and smells are often nostalgic, and usually conjure memories of happy times in a person’s life. Homemade brown bread; tea biscuits with jam and butter; the incredible aroma of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven—the list goes on. But what happens when those sweet treats you once enjoyed making for family and friends is no longer feasible or safe to do on your own?

The VON Adult Day Program in Middleton and Berwick is proud to offer a Memories Baking Program, giving clients a renewed sense of independence in the kitchen and an opportunity to enhance skills they once had.

"When we do intakes with new clients, they often tell us that they used to bake, but are no longer able to do so. This program has given our clients the freedom and pleasure to bake again, but in a safe environment," says April Bailey, Adult Day Program Coordinator

Using a Montessori approach, clients work together to make delicious treats to be used for snack time, dessert, and birthday celebrations.

"All clients play a role that is appropriate for their interests and capabilities,” Bailey says. “From reading the recipes aloud, to measuring and pouring ingredients, to mixing—there’s something for everyone to do."

Clients are encouraged to bring in old family recipes to be shared and enjoyed with others. Since the program began in January, they have made bread, cupcakes, muffins, squares, and cookies.

"There is also an element of learning about new technologies,” Bailey adds. “For some of our clients, the idea of using an electric mixer or bread-maker is novel. Some clients are absolutely fascinated by it."

The program was developed after a generous $2,100 donation from Artists with Artitude and support from Canadian Tire in Greenwood. Items purchased for the program include: a deep freezer; stand and hand mixers; a bread-maker; and all new baking utensils. Leftover funds will be used to replenish ingredients required for baking so clients will have plenty of material to continue to create those tasty treats.

(Photo credit: Debbie Roza-Mercier)

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