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VON Week is May 23rd – 29, 2021!


Every year, VON Week provides us an opportunity to raise VON’s profile in the communities we serve. This year, we celebrate all our incredible staff and volunteers, and their willingness and courage to take action and help those who need it, during the pandemic especially, and long before. 

Our community has shared with us how important it is that we recognize the resilience, courage and strength of our VON team over the past year. Whether it’s someone who serves clients every day, or schedules visits, plans programs, or supports a department – what unites us all at VON is our compassion. We heard from our community that compassion is what everyone needs right now, and it’s also what VON employees give to others, every day.

Our theme reflects your feedback. VON Week 2021's theme is:

Visit the VON Week 2021 Campaign Landing Page

This year, VON Week will celebrate, support and encourage VON staff and volunteers as we recognize our colleagues for their courageous, caring spirit.  We’ll share stories on our Facebook channels, arrange public displays to raise awareness and celebrate in other ways, from a distance. We hope you will take part in these activities during #VONWeek2021.

If you would like to extend your recognition to the VON team for VON Week, please email

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Agrément Canada

Agrément Canada est un organisme sans but lucratif indépendant qui procède à l’agrément des organismes des secteurs de la santé et des services sociaux, au Canada et à travers le monde. Ses programmes d’agrément très complets stimulent l’amélioration continue de la qualité par le moyen de normes basées sur des faits probants et sur un examen externe rigoureux, mené par des pairs. Agréé par l’International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), Agrément Canada aide les organismes à améliorer la qualité des soins et la sécurité des patients depuis plus de 55 ans.