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VON refreshes Brand to reflect a new Vision


VON refreshes Brand to reflect a new Vision

February 14, 2019 (Ottawa) – Today, VON Canada celebrated the launch of a new Vision, Mission, and Values, expressed through a new tagline:  Live Every Day.

 “VON’s new tagline – Live Every Day – recognizes that, regardless of one’s circumstances, every day has value, and everyone deserves to live each day to the fullest” ” said Jo-Anne Poirier, VON President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s also a promise we make to the people who share their day with us – that we will help them live each day to the fullest.”

VON Vision:

Every life lived to the fullest.

VON Mission:

We help people live in their homes and communities by delivering the caring support that they, and their families, need.


VON Values:

Respect – We support others honestly, openly and fairly.

Compassion – We listen and serve with sensitivity, empathy and concern.

Excellence – We commit to everyday improvement in all that we do

“VON has been at the heart of home and community care in this country for 120 years” said Ms. Poirier.   “We founded homecare in Canada and are known as trailblazers and innovators.  We have learned that it’s important to those we serve that we are a not-for-profit and charity – that strengthens trust. And we’ve also learned that the comfort we bring to those we work with is as important as the professional care.  We have worked to ensure that our new brand reflects all of that.”

VON’s employees and volunteers contributed to the development of this new brand by participating in surveys and discussion groups.


ABOUT VON:  VON Canada has been pioneering care at home for over 120 years. Today, we are a highly-trusted non-profit organization that works with our clients, employees, volunteers and partners to provide innovative clinical, personal and social support to people who want the comfort and peace of mind of living in their own homes and communities.

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